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Carbon  Footprint Report
Measure the emissions relevant to your organization
⇒ Comply with ISO 14064-1 and the GHG Protocol

⇒ Smart data collection

⇒ Automatic GHG quantification

⇒ Use AI & experts

⇒ Powerful KPIs for better decision making and easier implementation of climate action plans

⇒ Powered by the most recent emission factor database

Direct Carbon Emission Management Platform

Carbon emissions management software to achieve your climate goals.

Now is the time for climate action. Whether you’re working towards decarbonization or you’re just getting started, our carbon emissions management software platform is backed by the expertise and data you need to get there. achieve its climate targets and align with international standards including the SBTi guidelines and GHG protocols.

Build your carbon management strategy

Measuring greenhouse gas emissions.

→ Measuring greenhouse gas emissions
→ Visualizing emissions data
→ Carbon life cycle assessment

Roadmap to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

→ Emission reduction roadmap
→ Technical assessment of emission reduction levers
→ Assessment of the feasibility of decarbonization
→ Insights and applications on carbon use

Accelerates carbon dioxide removal.

→ Emissions elimination roadmap
→ Technical review of carbon projects
→ Robust procurement of carbon removal credits
→ Development of required carbon credit portfolio

Emissions Report 

→ Compliant with ISO 14064-2

→ Project life cycle analysis (LCA)

→ Process tree & base scenario analysis

→ Baseline vs Project GHG Source Absorber & Reservoir

→ Report scoring process ensures highly reliable results

→ Forecasting the project’s GHG impact

→ Powered by the most recent emission factor database

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