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Dr Alessandro FLAMMINI

Dr Alessandro FLAMMINI

Our advisory council member of ESGA and International Eco-Industrial Parks Expert in Vietnam. 

His background as PhD in Industrial Engineer and Environmental Science, coupled with his extensive 17 years of experience working with UN agencies, public, and private sectors, makes him a valuable addition to our community.

His leadership in coordinating the Eco-Industrial Park Vietnam Project for the UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) over the past 6 years, in collaboration with key Ministries and Agencies, has paved the way for the adoption of international best practices, empowering policy-makers, industrial park developers, and companies to become more green and competitive.

Furthermore, his involvement in the development of the international eco-industrial park (EIP) concept and related tools underscores his dedication to advancing sustainable solutions globally. His work in introducing the EIP concept to Vietnam and other countries has been instrumental in shaping the landscape of environmental stewardship.

Having worked in 29 countries around the world as an International Expert, his expertise and insights will be invaluable in driving impactful initiatives within our community. 

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