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Green silica from rice husk ash production

Investment Summary

Nano Technologies are seeking seed investment and project finance for green silica from rice husk ash production to serve a multi $Bn market opportunity for silica related products. The company intends to sell green silica and related products into the construction and tyre industries.

The initial investment is to build a production facility in the largest rice producing region in South East Asiia.  This facility will be built in two phases –

1.10 metric ton / day concrete admixture plant

2.20 metric ton / day green silica plant with 7MW biomass power generation

The project also includes a centre-of-excellence for green nanotechnology including product development, quality assurance, skills training and sustainability outreach, in partnership with the Mekong Research Institute for Climate Change, headed by Professor Van, P.D. who joins us as a founder member on our board.

We have brought together a world class team, and are partnering with one of the largest rice mills in Vietnam for our first location.  We are seeking investors who are as passionate as we are for addressing the issue of climate change and impacting local communities in emerging economies.

Total Addressable Market (TAM)

Silica and silicates are used in a wide range of applications, from being essential components in the manufacturing of glass, ceramics, tyres and concrete to serving as key ingredients in various industrial processes, including metallurgy and electronics. 

Almost all commercially available silica is extracted from sand, using high-energy processes. 

For 1kg of synthetic silica, over 30kg of carbon is generated. (Barton Blakeley Technologies)

Our Products

  • Cement Admixtures for the construction industry.

  • Liquid Silicates for detergent and paper manufacturing

  • Precipitated nano-silica for the tyre industry

  • Activated carbon for waste water treatment

Environmental & Social Impact

We make a real, measurable reduction in CO2 emissions by replacing sand and quartz processed at 1800°C with rice husk and processed at 120°C

We help farmers in developing countries get a higher price for their rice crop, and reduce the waste burnt in fields or send to landfill.

We help our customers achieve their net zero targets across construction, transportation and other industries

We generate power in localities which do not have enough power, and where we are replacing dirty coal.  Our biomass feedstock is agricultural waste and doesn’t displace food crops.

We employ and train a local workforce in impoverished areas, as well as providing outreach on climate change and sustainability in the areas in which we operate

Our experienced and environmentally responsible management team will drive our expansion and make it happen.

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