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M.Ed. Nguyen Dinh Quyen

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Mr Nguyen Dinh Quyen ( M.Ed., Bachelor of Science) has 17 years of experience in charge of important development projects in the fields of investment management and development, sustainable development and ESG projects at financial corporations, educational institutions. from Japan (Shogakukan Shueisha Productions, the United States (Franklink Capital), Korea (Daekyo, Pantos Holdings) and Vietnam (Sovico Group).

He has completed training programs from the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), United Nations System Staff College (UNSSC) on sustainable infrastructure development programs, quantitative calculations carbon emissions, carbon credits, carbon tax, green economy…

He is also a senior consultant at ESG Education & Business, specializing in consulting on greenhouse gas emission calculation projects, Green Label, LCA, EPD, Netzero Energy, Carbon Neutral, Netzero Carbon for corporations and companies. companies and industrial parks in Vietnam. He is also a founding member and member of the senior advisory council of the International Alliance for Sustainable Development and ESG – ESG & Sustainability Alliance (ESGA).

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