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Administered by the Singapore Environment Council (SEC) since 1999, the Singapore Green Labelling Scheme (SGLS) is Singapore’s leading environmental standard and certification mark with over 3800 unique products certified across 43 countries. The scheme aims to help the public identify environmentally preferred products that meet certain eco-standards.

  • The SGBP Certification Scheme covers a wide range of products and assesses them based on their sustainability performance. Environmental and health impacts can occur across a product’s lifecycle, from raw material extraction or cultivation, through manufacturing, use and end-of-use management. The SGBP Certification Scheme looks at the whole lifecycle of products to account for the full impact.
  • The Singapore Green Label category for Cement and Precast Concrete establishes grading criteria based on environmental, performance and health parameters. The standard includes product-specific environmental prerequisites, such as the usage of recycled materials and conformance to the leaching test

Steps to a registered Singapore Green Label

Step 1: Selection and determination of products categories

  • Selection and determination of product categories; this is a critical part of the labelling process because it has a major impact on the eligibility of the product. The extent of the category will also determine the strictness of the criteria for certification
  • Contact the SGLS Secretariat to check if your product is within the SGLS scope of certification.

Step 2: Gathering Supporting Documents

  • If your product is deemed to be classified under an existing category and meets the assessment criteria, you will need to gather supporting documents stated in the criteria
  • After considering the life cycle of a product, the next focus is on the recycled content, reduced toxicity, pollution reduction, energy efficiency and capacity for recycling; for the industry, its performance in these areas will also be assessed.
  • Consulting on management policies of energy, water, waste, … based on the factory’s production process
  • Environmental declaration: customers need to have full input data because it is the basis for LCA
  • Must have at least ISO 9001 tối thiểu phải đạt ISO 9001

ISO 14001, 45001, 50001. This part is a separate CONSULTING package to help CUSTOMERS achieve these certifications

  • All test reports should be from nationally accredited third-party test laboratory (SINGLAS accredited test labs in the case of Singapore).
  • All declaration letters required must be signed by the CEO/President/Managing Director or equivalent of the applicant company.
  • All manufacturing process documents must be dated and signed off by the technical person-in-charge of the manufacturer i.e., Technical Director/Manager
  • Expected Schedule: 2-3 months

Step 3: Submitting a Formal Application

  • Once the test results have been attained and ALL results pass the requirements stated in the criteria, please log in to your account to make an online application. Click here to register for a new account.

You will need to submit the following supporting documents:

  • A detailed description of your product and its composition along with its manufacturing process
  • Test reports from nationally accredited third-party test laboratories and supporting documents in accordance to the relevant SGLS product criteria / standards
  • Any other documentation as requested by the SGLS Secretariat
  • Product Photo

+ Note: Incomplete applications will not be processed.

  • Expected Schedule: 2 weeks

Step 4: Review of application

  • The SGLS Secretariat will review your application and notify you of the outcome within 3-4 weeks. Alternatively, you can log in to your Account or contact us for the application status.
  • Expected Schedule: 3-4 weeks

Step 5: Awarding of the Singapore Green Label Certificate

  • Upon approval of the application, you will receive an email from the SGLS Secretariat.

Please contact us if you would like to make the Green Label


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